Message to our Guests

Dear Guests,


(Bienvenidos! Welcome to Acapulco! While you are staying at Las Colinas

this outlines some beneficial suggestions that will make your stay a most wonderful experience.

The Villa is nestled in a cozy neighborhood overlooking Acapulco Bay. You can see the twinkling lights of the city at night and fun beach activities during the day.

The Villa is fully staffed with friendly and helpful employees ready to make your vacation a most relaxing and fun time. There is a staff member who will go to the markets and stores to do food and beverage shopping for each day of your stay. We can assist in pre-planning your first few meals, as it is a good idea to stock up on a few items prior to your arrival. You can do this by emailing your list to Elise Butos at

The approximate daily cost of food, liquor, and other household items for your visit is as follows: For 3 meals per day, $50-55 per person; 2 meals $40-$45 per person; and for only 1 meal $30 per person. Please bring American dollars, pesos, or a credit card to use for getting cash from an ATM for your expenses. The staff member will ask for money before going shopping and upon returning, will provide you with receipts and change or ask for need of reimbursement. All you need to do is tell them what you want, the number of people, and the time you want to eat. They will have it all prepared. Margaritas and piña coladas all day long, if you so desire!

Enclosed are menus and food recommendations. Guests have found them very helpful when planning meals and are always pleased with the delicious food. The cooks are fantastic! Please note, when ordering lobster, shrimp, steaks, and some fish, there will be an extra expense, and well worth it. You can enjoy meals in the main dining area or even under the palapa. If you have large groups of 8 or more, you may choose to serve family style or have a buffet occasionally.

Breakfast is “Desayuno”-usually 9:00-11       (anytime in between)

Lunch is “Almuerzo”-served I                (anytime in between)

Dinner is “Cena”-served 7:00-10:00 (anytime in between)

There is bottled water for you to drink in all the suites. Please use the air conditioners only when you are in your suite. The suites are cleaned daily. It is best to not leave money, jewelry, or other valuables lying around. Each suite has a key for you to lock the door during the day and at night. Acapulco, in general, is a safe and casual city for shopping or sightseeing (but don’t flash your money or jewelry!). All of the art is original by aspiring Mexican artists and furnishings are true Mexican ethnic items I have collected around this beautiful country.

Remember to take all personal items (computers, CDs, phones, etc.) to your room at night.

*(We are not responsible for lost or stolen items while at the Villa).

A staff member in the Villa is available to make any arrangements and reservations for you when needed, or outings such as golf or fishing can be arranged prior to your arrival by contacting our office.

Our driver is available to reserve for airport transportation, sightseeing, and shopping. The drivers are a lot of fun while driving and guiding you through town and to your destinations. Please see the attached Transportation Guide for more information. Also, it is important to pay them directly at the end of your journey.

Please note, that water is at a premium, so please conserve it while brushing your teeth and while taking a shower. All long-distance calls need to be made by cell phone, billed to your home phone, or called collect. Please do not call directly since long distance from Mexico is out of sight “$” wise!

There is a wonderful masseuse available as well as manicurists, and facialists. Ask the Main Houseman and he will call to set up the appointments. They will come to the house and make you feel very relaxed!

Massage – $30 + tip for 45 minutes

Pedicure – $20 + tip Manicure – $15 + tip Facial – $30 + tip.

For haircuts and other beauty services, please ask for the price.

Upon your departure, if you are pleased with the service, I propose you divvy up at least $30 from each person per day you are at the Villa and divide the total among staff. If you are ecstatic, then your generosity is greatly appreciated by these terrific people. We advise paying each employee his or her tip directly, in an envelope with their name. Tip Guidelines are attached.

We hope this information helps make your Acapulco getaway a special treat for you.

Enjoy yourselves! You are in one of the most heavenly spots on Earth!

Disfrutelo! (Enjoy)


Beau Theriot

Casa Las Colinas

     Phone 011-527(44)446-5564

! Esperamos que todos tengan una magnifica estancia!

(We hope you have a magnificent stay!)